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Atlas of Minimally Invasive Surgery




Surgical Device Development

The following devices have been disclosed. For licensing information, please contact the UNeMed Corporation.

1. Self-closing trocar (pdf, 1.2 MB). Disclosed May 17, 2004. This is a trocar for use in minimally invasive surgery. It has a built in mechanism which closes the port site automatically.

View the self-closing trocar on the UNeMed web site

2. Right-angle harmonic scalpel (pdf, 1.0MB). Disclosed October 31, 2005. This is an instrument for minimally invasive surgery. It combines the action of a right-angle dissector with the cutting-coagulating power of an ultrasonic (harmonic) scalpel.

View the right-angle harmonic scalpel on the UNeMed web site

3. Bougie-EGD (pdf, 0.3MB). Disclosed March 15, 2007. This is an modified endoscope for use during minimally invasive anti-reflux procedures (e.g., Nissen fundoplication). This endoscope has a calibrated (60 Fr) and illuminated sleeve, which aids in dissection and construction of the fundoplication.

4. Hernia mesh stapler (pdf, 1.3MB). Disclosed April 2, 2007. This is a stapler/tacker for use in minimally invasive hernia surgery. It provides temporary or permanent anchorage of surgical mesh to the abdominal wall.

View the mesh stapler on the UNeMed web site

5. Wound closure forceps (pdf, 0.7MB). Disclosed May 25, 2007. This is a tissue forceps for use in the closure of abdominal incisions during open surgery. The instrument is equipped with a needle-guide scoop.

View the wound closure forceps on the UNeMed web site

6. Sonographic trocar, or SonoTrocar (pdf, 0.5MB). Disclosed October 25, 2007. This is a trocar for use in minimally invasive surgery. This trocar houses an ultrasonic detector in its tip, to aid in the insertion into the abdomen.

View the SonoTrocar on the UNeMed web site

7. Wide-span balloon retractor, or Laprotract (pdf, 0.8MB). Disclosed July 18, 2008. This is an inflatable balloon retractor for minimally invasive surgery. It improves upon existing balloon retractors by providing a greater surface area for retraction.






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