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April 2010: technologist/postdoctoral positions
available in the Carlson laboratory

In 2010 my research consortium will receive funding from the United States Department of Defense to study hemostasis and tissue engineering. I am now looking to hire two full-time researchers at the technologist, postdoctoral, or research professor level to work on this project.

Position #1: emphasis on cellular biology and tissue engineering.The successful applicant will (preferably) have a graduate degree and have expertise in one or more of the following areas:

• Cellular and molecular biology
• Stem cell biology
• Biomaterials, tissue engineering
• Regenerative medicine

Position #2: emphasis on large animal surgery. The successful applicant will be able to perform the following tasks in a large animal model:

• Cutdown, cannulization of carotid artery and jugular vein
• Exposure of bilateral femoral arteries
• Femoral arteriotomy
• Midline laparotomy
• Vascular isolation of liver
• Liver segmentectomy
• Exposure of infrarenal aorta
• Testing of hemostatic treatments on the above injuries
• Administration of sedation and general inhalational anesthesia
• Record above procedures on digital video
• Digital video editing
Ex vivo testing of tissue, including tensiometry
• Analyze numerical data obtained from above procedures
• Some experience with wet chemistry (making buffers etc.)

To make an inquiry, please see my contact page, or contact Greg Prorok in the Department of Surgery at UNMC: phone 402-559-6759; email

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