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Atlas of Minimally Invasive Surgery





The links below contain lists of my publications, most in pdf format, including:

Journal articles: from peer-reviewed biomedical journals (both basic science and clinical), including original articles and review articles.

Atlas of Minimally Invasive Surgery: a two volume large-page color atlas of surgical procedures, with narrated video of each surgical procedure.

Book chapters: mostly clinical in nature, including chapter content and book frontmatter.

Letters & Editorials: written to discuss various issues of interest, mostly clinical in nature.

Abstracts: representing submissions to professional societies and/or national/international meetings.

Public relations. Press releases from UNMC describing some of my activities.



Mark A. Carlson, MD • Surgery 112, VA Medical Center • 4101 Woolworth Ave • Omaha, NE 68105
phone (402) 995-5371 • fax (402) 995-5370 •