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In 2009 an Institute of Regenerative Medicine was established within the University of Nebraska, consisting of faculty from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, and University of Nebraska–Omaha (see brochure on Regenerative Medicine and Biology at UNMC). The purpose of this Institute is to study regeneration and tissue engineering in multiple areas (see brochure).

As part of this Institute, the Carlson lab has been interested in the development of a dermal template for skin replacement. This template consists of a "smart matrix"—a biodegradable scaffold coated with naturally-occurring proteins of the extracellular matrix, in which are embedded dermal fibroblasts and mesenchymal stem cells. In addition, these scaffolds can be engineered for controlled release of select growth factors and/or cytokines, such as VEGF or bFGF. This smart matrix is an engineered equivalent of the dermis. This construct is topped with a basal lamina, and then surfaced with keratinocytes; this topping is an engineered equivalent of the epidermis.

The aim of this project is to first characterize and optimize the engineered skin equivalent in animal models, and then move into clinical testing. This skin replacement therapy would be applicable to both military and civilian patients who have suffered massive skin loss from burns, blast injury, or other trauma, and also from various disease processes.

(White Paper on Hemostasis and Tissue Engineering)

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